Aims and Objectives

The Millen Magese Foundation envisions a life in Tanzania and Africa where no girl has to suffer in confusion and pain through her menstruation. We stand as a VOICE for the fight against the stigmas and taboos of menstruation in Tanzania, so young girls don’t have to suffer in silence and can be diagnosed at an early age with endometriosis. We work to provide adolescents with an interdisciplinary education in order to empower them to pursue their life goals. Furthermore, we believe that by advocating to dismantle the cultural stigmas and taboos of menstruation young girls and women can pursue opportunities they previously weren’t able to due to the burden of their period. The Millen Magese Foundation stands by the following objectives:

1. To support women and bring awareness to menstrual and sexual and reproductive health through access to education.

2. To raise awareness and speak out about infertility and share stories, pain and raise the voices to make a positive change in society.

3. To promote, support and advocate for a child’s education (better foundation, for a better life/future).

4. To advocate for the better maternal health and safety.

5. To firmly stand and fully support on reproductive, infertility and maternal health.

6. To promote and support entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities.

7. To foster and support East Africa integration and cooperation among its people and youth in particular.

8. To empower adolescents in East Africa to pursue their life goals through access to an interdisciplinary education.

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