Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexual and reproductive health provides adolescents with knowledge, skills, and efficacy, which guide them to make informed decisions that do not threaten their livelihood. By providing sexual and reproductive health trainings to both students and their families, we will have a greater impact on the community; thus, changing stigmas and inspire understanding. For Millen, she was forced to be silent through the excruciating pain and obstacles she faced from her reproductive organs. She was left in confusion and answerless to what was occurring in her body. By founding the Millen Magese Foundation, Millen envisions a mindset in Tanzania and abroad where no girl has to be silent about her period. Furthermore, the Millen Magese Foundation strives to provide adolescents with an education in sexual and reproductive health, so their questions are not left unanswered while they are going through maturation.

The Millen Magese Foundation has so far conducted seminars all around Tanzania to educate adolescents and adults on their reproductive health systems. The seminars involve doctors and experts on various SRH topics and include an education on the biological anatomy for men and women, safe sex practices, STIs, prevention of HIV, and maternal health. Furthermore, the seminars focus on endometriosis and are aimed to guide women who are currently battling with the disease to healthcare and educate women on the symptoms of endometriosis.

The Millen Magese Foundation strongly believes that education is the pathway to empowerment and success. We hope to partner with organizations that specialize in menstrual hygiene management in order to assist adolescent girls in managing their period. For Millen, she missed 5-7 days of school per month due to her period. This leads to over 40 days of school missed during their school year due to a biological process that girl’s cannot prevent. By partnering with organizations which specialize in menstrual hygiene management we hope to provide sanitary menstrual hygiene products (reusable and disposable), so girls can manage their periods healthily and feel proud during their period rather than ashamed.


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